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Polyester polyols

Polyester polyols are the backbone of high-performance polyurethane products, particularly rigid foams. These versatile compounds are synthesized by reacting polyfunctional alcohols with dicarboxylic acids or anhydrides, resulting in a wide range of polyester polyols tailored to specific applications. In the realm of rigid foams, polyester polyols could induce unique properties that enable the production of foams with exceptional structural integrity, insulation capabilities, and versatility. These foams find extensive use in various applications:

Building and Construction: Polyester polyol-based rigid foams are a cornerstone of modern construction. They are used as insulation materials in walls, roofs, and foundations, providing excellent thermal efficiency and structural support, thereby enhancing energy efficiency and reducing heating and cooling costs.

Refrigeration and Insulation Panels: Rigid polyurethane foams with polyester polyols are employed in the manufacturing of refrigeration equipment and insulated panels for cold storage.

Structural Panels: In the aerospace and automotive industries, polyurethane rigid foam is employed to create lightweight yet strong structural panels, reducing weight and improving fuel efficiency.

Adhesive Bonding: Some polyester polyols can also be used in the synthesis of one and two-component polyurethane adhesives, mastics, and sealants.

Elevate your foam and adhesive products with our versatile Polyester Polyols. Designed primarily for rigid foams, our range also includes specialized grades tailored for adhesive and shoe applications.





Davapol-PES 300